Most TV channels are just a collection of shows – VICELAND is a collection of personal points-of-view. Everything at VICELAND has a reason to exist and a strong perspective. Our mission is to examine the world we live in, and explore the things that confuse us, make us curious, make us laugh, or awaken our sense of wonder.

VICELAND features series examining all things culture, including music, food, technology, identity, fashion, films and all the other things that make up life. The channel is overseen by Oscar-winning writer/director Spike Jonze, a long-time VICE partner and creative director for the company, and features series hosted by VICE newcomers like Ellen Page, Ian Daniel, Michael K Williams and Hailey Gates, as well as longtime VICE hosts like Action Bronson, Thomas Morton and Eddie Huang.


What is precipitating this change?

VICELAND will meet the entertainment needs of a new generation of TV viewers, offering original content with a bold, distinctive voice made by and for young people.

Who will be receiving VICELAND?

All current H2 homes – if you had H2 service, you will now have VICELAND.

What programming will be featured?

VICELAND will launch with a full slate of prime-time shows, including GAYCATION (with Ellen Page and Ian Daniel), NOISEY (with Zach Goldbaum), F THAT’S DELICIOUS (with Action Bronson), BALLS DEEP (with Thomas Morton), WEEDIQUETTE (with Krishna Andavolu), FLOPHOUSE, and many, many more. VICELAND will also feature VICE ESSENTIALS, showcasing the very best of VICE content from the past 20 years.

Will content from VICE.com be featured on the network?

Yes, many of your favorite VICE shows like F THAT’s DELICIOUS and HUANG’S WORLD are getting the full TV treatment every week on VICELAND. Plus, many of their favorite online episodes will be on air too, as part of their VICE Essentials series. But there will also be plenty of new shows, with new voices, like GAYCATION with Ellen Page, or BLACK MARKET with Michael K. Williams.

Is H2 going away?

While the network is going away, the very best signature H2 programming can now be found on HISTORY, such as Ancient Aliens, Modern Marvels and The Universe.

Will any H2 shows be featured on VICELAND?


Will I be able to watch VICELAND shows online?

Yes, on VICELAND.com, the VICELAND app, and your pay TV provider’s site (if applicable).

Is VICELAND available in HD?

Yes. If you had H2 HD, you will have VICELAND HD.

What is the VICELAND website?


More Questions?

Ask them here and we’ll get back to you soon!